Founded in 1981, North Texas Certified Development Corporation (NTCDC) is a leading provider of long-term, fixed-interest, below market-rate financing for growing small businesses. NTCDC provides an advantageous alternative to traditional short-term financing for capital expansions. NTCDC operates under the guidelines of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Section 504 Certified Development Company program, and is authorized to issue debentures for sale in the private capital market. The proceeds from the sale of these debentures are then loaned to small businesses under terms and rates unavailable through normal lending channels. Repayment of the debenture is 100% guaranteed by SBA.

With over 100 years of combined SBA experience, the staff of NTCDC has the in-depth knowledge and capability to process, approve and fund your 504 loan quickly and efficiently. NTCDC has business development officers located in all of the major markets in Texas, but also serves smaller, more rural communities. NTCDC services all of Texas in making 504 loans. NTCDC’s commitment to our small business borrowers and participating lenders is to insure that the SBA borrowing experience is as smooth and uneventful as possible.

Every 504 loan requires the participation of a certified development company. That is, banks cannot provide 504 financing except through a CDC such as NTCDC. Private lenders and NTCDC work together to offer 504 financing assistance to eligible small businesses.

Customer Services

  • Your 504 loan will be handled with dedication to excellence.
  • We have loan officers located throughout the state of Texas for your convenience.
  • We work closely with the lender and borrower, from application to funding, to ensure the 504 loan closes and funds smoothly and quickly.
  • We address loan-structuring and eligibility issues upfront, to save valuable time.


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Wayne Smith

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